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Everything has a vibratory energy, vibration or vibe for short.  The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the chair you’re sitting in, everything vibrates.  The vibration of one thing affects the vibration of another thing.  Have you ever plucked a guitar string?  When you do, it starts to vibrate, then soon, all the other strings begin to vibrate as well. You vibrate too! Your vibration is a conglomeration of all the other vibrations you’ve come in contact with your entire life (and all your past lives too).


Emotions, thoughts and actions have a vibration and these vibrations have a characteristic frequency.  Anger has a specific frequency, love has a frequency, sexuality too (those are the ‘good vibrations’ the Beach Boys were singing about). The vibration of your thoughts affect you more than you may realize.  Hold an angry thought in your mind for just a few seconds and it starts to shift your vibratory energy toward anger almost immediately.  You can do a similar thing with Love.

The vibrations that come from meditation have the highest frequency of all.  If you meditate in the morning, before going out into the world, then you will raise your vibratory frequency to a very high level, and the lower vibrations that you come into contact with, throughout the course of the day, will have less of an affect on you.  Of course, by the end of the day, you will have lost some of that high vibe energy, so sneak in some yoga or an evening meditation if you can!


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