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Why do some people accomplish more in life than others?  Why are some more adept at achieving what they desire?  Why do some people cause more change in the world?  Willpower.

Willpower is an enigma.  Everybody knows what it means.  They know how much, or how little they have.  They recognize it in others.  But it’s not something you can weigh; not something you can measure.

Willpower is exactly as its name implies.  It is Power, directed by the Will.  If you have little Will, or little Power, then you have little Willpower.  Those people who do have a lot of Willpower, have a tremendous desire that they want to fulfill (the Will). And, somehow, through the practices of their life, they have amassed a large amount of kundalini energy (the Power) to help them achieve that goal.

Perhaps they meditate, perhaps they practice martial arts, or selfless giving.  Maybe, they just lead a very tight life, without wasting a lot of energy.  They might have moved into a home located on or near a power spot.  They may have made friends with powerful people or teachers who could transmit their energy to them.  They may have been a powerful person in a previous incarnation.  There are many ways to gain power.

Ghandi had great Willpower, as did Martin Luther King Jr., and Mother Teresa. Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Hitler and even Donald Trump have all had tremendous Willpower… the difference, of course, is the desire each wished to fulfill.

If your desires are for good, then Willpower will help elevate your spirit, and help you change the world in a positive way.  If your desires are for evil, then the opposite may occur.  And, if you are just ordinary, with selfish desires, then you will likely achieve what you wish for, but it won’t make you very happy.  In which case you join the ranks of what they call ‘the hungry ghosts’; beings with a huge appetite that can never be sated.

The navel chakra is the center for Willpower.  If you meditate on this chakra,  you will release a tremendous amount of energy that you may then use to achieve whatever you desire.  When you wish to apply your Willpower, you project a line of energy from your navel center to the navel center of others, and then direct the full force of your will into their energy body.  The stronger your power, the stronger your will, the easier it is to ‘push’ another being into doing what you want.  Don’t look so surprised… you already know precisely how to do this.

If you practice meditation and self-discovery, you are no doubt well aware of this. After beginning my meditation practice and becoming more and more sensitive to energy and chakras, I was shocked at how often people projected their Willpower at me, to control me in some way.  You’re driving down the road and someone pulls up on your rear bumper, and suddenly you feel them willing you to move out of their way.  You go into a restaurant and the waiter is pushing hard to sell you on the special of the day and your navel center starts to burn.  You want to do almost anything to make it stop.  So, what do you do?

Like anything, your reaction generates karma.  You could get angry and push back, hard. But then you end up angry, and someone ends up hurt.  Or you can summon your own power of will to match it, and remain unmoved, locked in a battle of wills… and while  you may win or draw, you’ll still lose a lot of energy in the process.  The best approach is to note what is occurring, decide if it is appropriate to respond and do so if necessary, but if not, then remove yourself from the equation; change lanes, excuse yourself from the conversation, or go ahead and order the special of the day if you don’t really care.  In this way, you’ve made your own conscious choice about what to do, and yet you’ve retained your energy.

When you become sensitive to the Willpower of others pressing in on you, you will also become aware of how often you press your Willpower in upon others.  We all do it to some degree, but it is a question of how much you do it, and what your ultimate intention of doing so is.  If it is for your own selfish gains, or to hurt others, the power will kick back at you and drive you into lower states of awareness.  But to use your power to help others achieve their goals, or just leave them alone entirely and focus on doing things for yourself, that will lead you into higher and higher states of awareness… and success, in all you do!


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Yantra Meditation

Today I would like to introduce another meditation technique called Yantra Meditation.  A yantra is a sacred geometric diagram some of which have been around for thousands of years.  A yantra is said to be a symbolic depiction of a doorway into a higher dimension of mind.  By focusing on a yantra during meditation, you can draw some of the energy and awareness from that higher dimension into your own mind.

There are many different yantras.  Find one that seems to feel right for you.  The yantra below is my favorite.  It is known as the Sri Yantra.  It is associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, who is also associated with the Heart Chakra energy center (more on those in a couple of days).


To use a yantra in meditation, you should print one out on regular 8X10 photo paper, and mount it in a simple frame that you set on your meditation table.  It should be visible from where you sit to meditate, with your eyes just directed downward slightly; so, just below eye level.  With this particular yantra, you want to make sure that the central triangle is pointing downwards.  Then, you should sit with your eyes open, close enough to the diagram, that it fills most of your vision, including your peripheral vision.  Stare at the dot, or bindi, in the very center, but relax your gaze somewhat so that you can take in the whole diagram.  However, it is important to keep your gaze directed at the dot in the center.  Don’t lose that!  You can blink whenever necessary, but try to keep your gaze fixed as long as you can.

As you meditate, you may notice slight shifts in your visual perception.  The lines of the diagram may appear to move around, the colors may get very intense, or change into golden hues.  These are just indications that you are moving through higher dimensions of mind.  You are activating your ‘second sight’, your ability to see in other non-physical dimensions.  If you see such phenomena, don’t let them distract you.  They can be interesting, but just notice them and don’t analyze them, otherwise, you will stop meditating.

Meditate on the yantra for as long as your normal meditation period.  For beginners, you may find meditating for 15 – 20 minutes to be a good period of time.  With experience, you may move up to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and eventually one hour. There is no need to meditate longer than an hour, unless you are just having a really great time!

Yantra meditations are very powerful, as they help you access energy from higher dimensions.  They are also good because they are one of the few meditation exercises where you keep your eyes open.  Many people start to drift off to sleep if they meditate with their eyes closed, so, this is a good technique for those people to practice, as it really forces you to keep your focus and to stay awake!

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We’ve already talked quite a bit about vibratory energy and how everything has a vibration.  That’s true for the Earth too, though the Earth vibrates at different frequencies in different places.  There are places that have a low frequency vibration, and they can be very harmful to you if you spend much time in them.  There are also places that have a very high frequency, and they can have a beneficial effect on you, provided you prepare yourself, and approach the place with the proper awareness and respect.  We call these Powerspots.

There are different kinds of Powerspots.  Some places are good for healing such as Kauai or Walden Pond.  Some places are good for ‘seeing’ such as the Continental Divide, Joshua Tree National Park or Coastal Maine.  And some places just have raw occult power such as the Deserts of the Southwest, Central Park and Wall St. in New York.


Powerspots act like a guitar amplifier turned  up to 11.  Whatever is going on inside of your head is going to get very LOUD.  So, if you go to a Powerspot in a crappy state of mind, it’s going to get much worse.  The best way to prepare to go to a Powerspot is to get your life in order.  Pay your bills, wash the dishes and laundry, wear clean clothes, meditate a bit before you go so that you will think as little as possible once there.  Anything you think, while in a Powerspot, will not only be amplified, but the vibration of those thoughts will stay in that place forever, affecting it for better or worse.  So, it is possible to pollute a Powerspot if you think inappropriate thoughts there.  Meditating in a Powerspot will actually help to increase its energy and make it even more powerful.  So, bring your best intentions and take away only the highest vibratory energy!

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