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There is a family of aerialists known as the Flying Wallendas.  They’ve performed in traveling circus acts for over 200 years as acrobats and more recently as high-wire artists.  They perform these incredible 3 level pyramids on the wire without a safety net.  This takes serious balance!

Balance is so important to living a happy and healthy life.  To balance a scale, you put equal weight on each side.  To balance our lives, we need to give equal weight to each part of our life.  If we focus too much on work, and not enough on home or family life, we become unbalanced.  If we over-focus on family and not enough on ourselves, we’re unbalanced again.

We also need to balance the energies that we allow to flow through our energy body.  In a post about Chakra Meditations, I mentioned the importance of giving equal attention to each chakra so that you do not release too much energy of one type or another.  In our society, there is a tremendous focus on sex and (will) power, which involve the second and third chakras respectively.  So, we need to balance that out with a conscious focus on the heart for love, and the third-eye for wisdom.

We also need to balance the energy we pickup from our physical environment.  I spent the holidays out in the mountains of Vermont.  The quiet and peacefulness of the place on both a physical and energetic level reminded me that I’ve got to get out of the City more often!  However, if I lived out in that wilderness, it would be just as important for me to go into the (big) City often too.  Too much weight on either side of the scale causes imbalance!

The key to balance is not losing it in the first place!  And so, we need Mindfulness to keep track of what is going on inside so that we can make small, immediate adjustments in our life to keep us up on that high wire.


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A good meditation practice consists of meditating daily, twice a day if possible, but at least once a day.  When you meditate, you should practice one of the techniques I’ve outlined, or another that you’ve found helpful to you.  And when you meditate, really work at it, concentrate.  During the rest of the day, you should practice mindfulness.  Pay attention to what you are allowing through your mind, don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future.  Stay in the present moment.  And, in the present moment, focus on positive things.  Don’t allow hate, anger and negativity to dominate your thoughts.

If you do these things diligently, then your consciousness will continually improve and you will live a happy and healthy life.  As mentioned in the last post, there are times when we go on auto-pilot, and don’t put as much effort into our practice, but even a half-hearted meditation keeps us going.  Then, there are times that we fall off the path completely (well, I don’t believe you are ever off the path, because falling off of it IS part of the path).  There are times you may stop meditating entirely, and stop practicing mindfulness.  And one day you wake up and notice you’re in pain.  Life sucks, and you’re not happy at all.

This is where your practice can really pay dividends.  You don’t have to wonder why you’re not happy.  You don’t have to wonder what to do about it.  You know exactly what you have to do.  Start practicing again.  Put on your “beginner’s mind” hat and dig out the instructions for basic meditation exercises and approach meditation as if you’d never done it before.  In re-learning it, you may grasp some concepts or techniques that you missed the first (or the fortieth) time around.

Practice is your best friend that always has your back, and never lets you down, even if you’ve ignored him for a while.

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Ideally, we get up every morning and have a nice meditation.  Meditation raises the frequency of our vibratory energy, which helps us maintain bright, shiny, happy states of mind.  Any thinking at all, after meditation, will tend to lower our vibratory energy.  However, thinking negative thoughts, which have a very low vibratory frequency, will lower our vibration even faster.  So, it is important to be mindful of the number of thoughts, and the kinds of thoughts we allow through our mind during the course of the day. This is called ‘mindfulness’.

We don’t normally think about what we’re thinking about, so how can we become more aware of our thoughts?  There is a really simple and effective technique.  Get yourself a digital watch – cheap watches are fine, just ensure that it has a feature where you can set the watch to beep on the hour, every hour.  Every time you hear the watch beep, ask yourself what has been going through your mind since you last heard the beep.  Were you thinking a lot?  Or were you focused on whatever your task at hand was?  If you were thinking, were they positive thoughts or negative thoughts?  What were  you thinking about?  Were you thinking about the past? Worrying about the future?  Dreaming up some fantasy?


The vast majority of our thoughts are unnecessary.  The past is over and done with. Unless it is a very happy memory, there isn’t much sense in repeating it over and over in your mind.  The future hasn’t happened yet, so why worry about it?  Plan for it, sure, but don’t worry needlessly.  Whenever you become mindful that your mind is wandering in these directions, bring your focus back to the current moment. That’s where you exist, right here, right now, so live it!

By thinking less in general, and by weeding out negative thoughts as much as possible, we can keep the high vibratory energy from our meditation with us much longer throughout the course of the day.

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