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If you want to make some interesting discoveries about your eating habits, you might consider fasting.

What I’ve learned is that most of the time, the feeling of being hungry, is a conditioned response. I get hungry at certain times of the day, because that is when I’m used to eating, not because my stomach is empty or my body needs the food.

I’ve also learned that many food urges are really not my own, they are psychic perceptions I’m picking up from the people around me. I’ll be hard at work in the office, in the middle of a two week fast, when suddenly I get a wild craving for a burger (when I hadn’t eaten beef for the previous few years), and then the guy in the next cubical announces he’s going for lunch at the burger joint down the street and does anybody want to join him?


Fasting forces you to use your willpower to overcome the urge to eat. And, when you do resist, your willpower gets stronger and stronger. The longer you fast, the purer your energy becomes, and you feel much lighter. Well, maybe several pounds lighter, but light-er in spirit as well.

If you are new to fasting, I’d suggest starting out with a 3 day fast. The first day of a fast, you will be very hungry and a little on edge. The second day of a fast, you will have no energy, want to sleep a lot, and perhaps have a persistent headache. The third day of your fast, you will finally start to feel great. To fast for any less than 3 days, you’ll only be getting to the bad days, not the good. If you enjoy your 3 day fast, try a one week fast the next time, and perhaps a two week fast the next time after that. It’s not really necessary to go beyond a two week fast, though, it can be fun to see how far you can take it.

There are those who will fast on a regular basis, but I will only fast once every six months to one year.  It can be a shock to your system, and I’m not sure if frequent shocks to your system is very healthful.

Some people are very strict about their fasts, allowing water only. But I’ve found that I can get all of the beneficial effects of a fast (those that I care about at least) even if I allow myself juice, or coffee, or even a little wine daily. And, on prolonged fasts, some protein powder mixed in juice will help ward off dizzy spells.

Things you can expect to experience during your fast:  You will experience some irritable bowels for the first day or so until your digestive tract gets used to the lack of solid material.  Then, you may not have any regular BMs for the next several days.  You may start off with a persistent headache, but that will go away as soon as you adjust to your new lower blood sugar level (juice can help elevate your blood sugar level).  You can expect your breath and your body odor to become quite wretched, as your body starts to metabolize your body fat, and release ketone bodies (the principal ingredient in acetone).  You will also feel various aches and pains as the metabolized fat releases other toxins into your system that have been bound up within the fat cells.

On the positive side, your vibratory energy rate will speed up tremendously, which will leave you feeling ecstatic at times, and promote very high meditations.  You should be able to feel your chakra energy centers more clearly, as well as having clearer psychic perceptions.  Your sense of smell will become quite acute, and you will be able to smell what others are eating from great distances.  While it may make you hungry, and give you the urge to eat, it also satisfies you in some way, and makes you feel like you just could possibly survive on the heavenly scent of food alone.


When you are ready to break your fast  (hey, that’s what breakfast originally meant!), don’t gorge yourself.  Start off slow, with a small meal of green leafy vegetables, and at succeeding meals, work into more of your normal eating pattern.  This is also a good time to change your diet.  If you want to give up red meat, or become vegetarian, or vegan or become a full-fledged carnivore, coming off of a fast is a good time to do so, as your willpower will be at an all-time-high, and your body is ready for anything.

Only try fasting if you are in relatively good physical health.  People who have to closely monitor their blood sugar level should not attempt fasting, nor should those with cardiac problems, as the changes in blood chemistry during the fasting process is dramatic.

Through fasting, you will learn that many of your behaviors are simply conditioned responses, habits, life on cruise control.  And you can gain the willpower necessary to suppress many urges and gain complete conscious control over all aspects of your life, not just those associated with diet.


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