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Who are you…who are you. Are you Mukuru?

An aboriginal elder queries Richard Chaimberlain’s character David Burton in Peter Weir’s film The Last Wave (aka Black Rain). Burton thought he knew, but he had no idea!

Who are you? Do you know where you leave off, and where everyone else begins? When I took up the practice of meditation, I was instructed to pay attention to the thoughts that passed through my mind during the course of the day; to be ‘mindful’. It was a little overwhelming, discovering just how many thoughts I had, and many seemingly random. ‘I wonder what the price of gold is today’, (I don’t invest). ‘The Red Sox could use a good left-handed starting pitcher’, (I don’t follow sports). ‘Do these jeans make my butt look fat?’, (I don’t have much of a butt). Early on, in meditation, you learn that you are also psychic, and that many of the thoughts you think are not even your own. But which are which?!

‘Know thyself’ is an old saying, but it was a difficult thing to undertake. Most of my adult life, up to that point, I had been involved in close physical/emotional relationships and I couldn’t honestly separate their thoughts, emotions and energy (vibration) from my own.

So I had to make a choice. Do I keep ‘playing house’ or do I seriously give this practice of meditation my full attention? Oh, nobody was twisting my arm, and I wasn’t trying to comply with some ashram rules. It was just a choice that was clear to me at that stage of my life. I chose the latter, because I wanted to know who I was, all alone, when nobody else was around.

I spent three years outside of a relationship, and celibate (though I might have jumped at the chance to break that streak). And during that time, I learned what it was like to live in my own energy, to think my own thoughts; I got to know ‘me’. I found that many of my mundane thoughts were, in fact, my own. But many were not. But most importantly, I learned to like the person I was. I wasn’t perfect, but I tried hard and I meant well. With that knowledge, I could be perfectly happy alone.

Then something wonderful happened. All the fear and insecurity I’d had with me my whole life dropped away. If I was in a relationship, that was great. If I wasn’t, well, that was great too. I found this allowed me to love more deeply than ever before, because I didn’t have to hold back anything. I didn’t have to fear that my love wouldn’t last forever. I knew that it wouldn’t; nothing in this world ever does! I knew to appreciate it while I could, and when it was over, to wish the other well on their way. But the real beauty is that you don’t stop loving them, once the relationship is over. The love is unconditional; it’s not predicated on being in a relationship.

I enjoy being in a relationship. I love the sharing, the intimacy and the humor that springs from human interaction. You can be whole, all by yourself, but you can be even more with others. But I still take time to be alone with myself, to stay in touch with who I am. Because it is this feeling of ‘wholeness’ that makes that level of unconditional love possible.


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There is a family of aerialists known as the Flying Wallendas.  They’ve performed in traveling circus acts for over 200 years as acrobats and more recently as high-wire artists.  They perform these incredible 3 level pyramids on the wire without a safety net.  This takes serious balance!

Balance is so important to living a happy and healthy life.  To balance a scale, you put equal weight on each side.  To balance our lives, we need to give equal weight to each part of our life.  If we focus too much on work, and not enough on home or family life, we become unbalanced.  If we over-focus on family and not enough on ourselves, we’re unbalanced again.

We also need to balance the energies that we allow to flow through our energy body.  In a post about Chakra Meditations, I mentioned the importance of giving equal attention to each chakra so that you do not release too much energy of one type or another.  In our society, there is a tremendous focus on sex and (will) power, which involve the second and third chakras respectively.  So, we need to balance that out with a conscious focus on the heart for love, and the third-eye for wisdom.

We also need to balance the energy we pickup from our physical environment.  I spent the holidays out in the mountains of Vermont.  The quiet and peacefulness of the place on both a physical and energetic level reminded me that I’ve got to get out of the City more often!  However, if I lived out in that wilderness, it would be just as important for me to go into the (big) City often too.  Too much weight on either side of the scale causes imbalance!

The key to balance is not losing it in the first place!  And so, we need Mindfulness to keep track of what is going on inside so that we can make small, immediate adjustments in our life to keep us up on that high wire.

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This time of year has always been very important to me.  First of all, there is the Winter Solstice, the most powerful day of the year.  If you have the day-to-day affairs of your life in order, and can meditate well for the few days before and after the Solstice, it can fill you with tremendous energy.  And that energy can help you make major breakthroughs in your life.  If your day-to-day affairs are not so in order, or if your consciousness is a little sloppy, then that same tremendous energy will bounce your mind all over the place and you’ll experience many challenging emotions and states of awareness, and you may come away from the Solstice in worse shape than you went into it.

Then comes Christmas.  Recently, I commented on what Christmas is like for me.  I don’t like the commercialism that stokes the consumer fires this time of year, but I think it is great that people focus their minds on giving.  So, I can’t complain.

To cap off the holiday season, is the celebration of the start of the New Year.  My teacher taught that it is very important to put your full attention into everything you do, and to finish everything you undertake with your best awareness.  Because the awareness you end one task with is the awareness that you will begin the next task with, and that awareness will either help ensure the success of the next task, or doom it to failure.

When he washed his dishes and put them away, he arranged the cupboards perfectly, with all the handles of the tea cups pointed in the same direction.  Food was organized and arranged perfectly in his refrigerator.  His clothes were clean, contracts signed, and his bills were paid.  He said that if you are sloppy in the details of the most mundane things in your life, then you’ll be sloppy with the more important things in your life.  And if you are sloppy with the more important things in your life, then you will likely arrive at the end of your life in a worse level of awareness than you had at the start.  And, you will carry that lower level of awareness with you into your next incarnation.  Setting up a downward progression in your conscious evolution.

So, the New Year’s celebration always reminds me of this teaching, and I strive to get my act together before the end of the year (and the end of the incarnation).  I clean, I fold, I pay my bills, I meditate more, and then I try to have some fun.  This year was a challenging year for me, but I achieved some important things, and most importantly, I’m in the best state of awareness I’ve been in all year (with a couple of minor detours around the Solstice).

So, I’m going to do a little snowboarding, a little celebrating (just a little, hopefully), a lot of laughing, and try to start off the New Year right.  The following week brings my birthday, which is the most powerful day of the year for an individual.  So, the challenge for me is to ride the energy of all of these most powerful days well into the New Year and ensure its success!  Happy New Year everyone!

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Yantra Meditation

Today I would like to introduce another meditation technique called Yantra Meditation.  A yantra is a sacred geometric diagram some of which have been around for thousands of years.  A yantra is said to be a symbolic depiction of a doorway into a higher dimension of mind.  By focusing on a yantra during meditation, you can draw some of the energy and awareness from that higher dimension into your own mind.

There are many different yantras.  Find one that seems to feel right for you.  The yantra below is my favorite.  It is known as the Sri Yantra.  It is associated with the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, who is also associated with the Heart Chakra energy center (more on those in a couple of days).


To use a yantra in meditation, you should print one out on regular 8X10 photo paper, and mount it in a simple frame that you set on your meditation table.  It should be visible from where you sit to meditate, with your eyes just directed downward slightly; so, just below eye level.  With this particular yantra, you want to make sure that the central triangle is pointing downwards.  Then, you should sit with your eyes open, close enough to the diagram, that it fills most of your vision, including your peripheral vision.  Stare at the dot, or bindi, in the very center, but relax your gaze somewhat so that you can take in the whole diagram.  However, it is important to keep your gaze directed at the dot in the center.  Don’t lose that!  You can blink whenever necessary, but try to keep your gaze fixed as long as you can.

As you meditate, you may notice slight shifts in your visual perception.  The lines of the diagram may appear to move around, the colors may get very intense, or change into golden hues.  These are just indications that you are moving through higher dimensions of mind.  You are activating your ‘second sight’, your ability to see in other non-physical dimensions.  If you see such phenomena, don’t let them distract you.  They can be interesting, but just notice them and don’t analyze them, otherwise, you will stop meditating.

Meditate on the yantra for as long as your normal meditation period.  For beginners, you may find meditating for 15 – 20 minutes to be a good period of time.  With experience, you may move up to 30 minutes, 45 minutes, and eventually one hour. There is no need to meditate longer than an hour, unless you are just having a really great time!

Yantra meditations are very powerful, as they help you access energy from higher dimensions.  They are also good because they are one of the few meditation exercises where you keep your eyes open.  Many people start to drift off to sleep if they meditate with their eyes closed, so, this is a good technique for those people to practice, as it really forces you to keep your focus and to stay awake!

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If you want to make some interesting discoveries about your eating habits, you might consider fasting.

What I’ve learned is that most of the time, the feeling of being hungry, is a conditioned response. I get hungry at certain times of the day, because that is when I’m used to eating, not because my stomach is empty or my body needs the food.

I’ve also learned that many food urges are really not my own, they are psychic perceptions I’m picking up from the people around me. I’ll be hard at work in the office, in the middle of a two week fast, when suddenly I get a wild craving for a burger (when I hadn’t eaten beef for the previous few years), and then the guy in the next cubical announces he’s going for lunch at the burger joint down the street and does anybody want to join him?


Fasting forces you to use your willpower to overcome the urge to eat. And, when you do resist, your willpower gets stronger and stronger. The longer you fast, the purer your energy becomes, and you feel much lighter. Well, maybe several pounds lighter, but light-er in spirit as well.

If you are new to fasting, I’d suggest starting out with a 3 day fast. The first day of a fast, you will be very hungry and a little on edge. The second day of a fast, you will have no energy, want to sleep a lot, and perhaps have a persistent headache. The third day of your fast, you will finally start to feel great. To fast for any less than 3 days, you’ll only be getting to the bad days, not the good. If you enjoy your 3 day fast, try a one week fast the next time, and perhaps a two week fast the next time after that. It’s not really necessary to go beyond a two week fast, though, it can be fun to see how far you can take it.

There are those who will fast on a regular basis, but I will only fast once every six months to one year.  It can be a shock to your system, and I’m not sure if frequent shocks to your system is very healthful.

Some people are very strict about their fasts, allowing water only. But I’ve found that I can get all of the beneficial effects of a fast (those that I care about at least) even if I allow myself juice, or coffee, or even a little wine daily. And, on prolonged fasts, some protein powder mixed in juice will help ward off dizzy spells.

Things you can expect to experience during your fast:  You will experience some irritable bowels for the first day or so until your digestive tract gets used to the lack of solid material.  Then, you may not have any regular BMs for the next several days.  You may start off with a persistent headache, but that will go away as soon as you adjust to your new lower blood sugar level (juice can help elevate your blood sugar level).  You can expect your breath and your body odor to become quite wretched, as your body starts to metabolize your body fat, and release ketone bodies (the principal ingredient in acetone).  You will also feel various aches and pains as the metabolized fat releases other toxins into your system that have been bound up within the fat cells.

On the positive side, your vibratory energy rate will speed up tremendously, which will leave you feeling ecstatic at times, and promote very high meditations.  You should be able to feel your chakra energy centers more clearly, as well as having clearer psychic perceptions.  Your sense of smell will become quite acute, and you will be able to smell what others are eating from great distances.  While it may make you hungry, and give you the urge to eat, it also satisfies you in some way, and makes you feel like you just could possibly survive on the heavenly scent of food alone.


When you are ready to break your fast  (hey, that’s what breakfast originally meant!), don’t gorge yourself.  Start off slow, with a small meal of green leafy vegetables, and at succeeding meals, work into more of your normal eating pattern.  This is also a good time to change your diet.  If you want to give up red meat, or become vegetarian, or vegan or become a full-fledged carnivore, coming off of a fast is a good time to do so, as your willpower will be at an all-time-high, and your body is ready for anything.

Only try fasting if you are in relatively good physical health.  People who have to closely monitor their blood sugar level should not attempt fasting, nor should those with cardiac problems, as the changes in blood chemistry during the fasting process is dramatic.

Through fasting, you will learn that many of your behaviors are simply conditioned responses, habits, life on cruise control.  And you can gain the willpower necessary to suppress many urges and gain complete conscious control over all aspects of your life, not just those associated with diet.

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Ideally, we get up every morning and have a nice meditation.  Meditation raises the frequency of our vibratory energy, which helps us maintain bright, shiny, happy states of mind.  Any thinking at all, after meditation, will tend to lower our vibratory energy.  However, thinking negative thoughts, which have a very low vibratory frequency, will lower our vibration even faster.  So, it is important to be mindful of the number of thoughts, and the kinds of thoughts we allow through our mind during the course of the day. This is called ‘mindfulness’.

We don’t normally think about what we’re thinking about, so how can we become more aware of our thoughts?  There is a really simple and effective technique.  Get yourself a digital watch – cheap watches are fine, just ensure that it has a feature where you can set the watch to beep on the hour, every hour.  Every time you hear the watch beep, ask yourself what has been going through your mind since you last heard the beep.  Were you thinking a lot?  Or were you focused on whatever your task at hand was?  If you were thinking, were they positive thoughts or negative thoughts?  What were  you thinking about?  Were you thinking about the past? Worrying about the future?  Dreaming up some fantasy?


The vast majority of our thoughts are unnecessary.  The past is over and done with. Unless it is a very happy memory, there isn’t much sense in repeating it over and over in your mind.  The future hasn’t happened yet, so why worry about it?  Plan for it, sure, but don’t worry needlessly.  Whenever you become mindful that your mind is wandering in these directions, bring your focus back to the current moment. That’s where you exist, right here, right now, so live it!

By thinking less in general, and by weeding out negative thoughts as much as possible, we can keep the high vibratory energy from our meditation with us much longer throughout the course of the day.

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Everything has a vibratory energy, vibration or vibe for short.  The clothes you wear, the food you eat, the chair you’re sitting in, everything vibrates.  The vibration of one thing affects the vibration of another thing.  Have you ever plucked a guitar string?  When you do, it starts to vibrate, then soon, all the other strings begin to vibrate as well. You vibrate too! Your vibration is a conglomeration of all the other vibrations you’ve come in contact with your entire life (and all your past lives too).


Emotions, thoughts and actions have a vibration and these vibrations have a characteristic frequency.  Anger has a specific frequency, love has a frequency, sexuality too (those are the ‘good vibrations’ the Beach Boys were singing about). The vibration of your thoughts affect you more than you may realize.  Hold an angry thought in your mind for just a few seconds and it starts to shift your vibratory energy toward anger almost immediately.  You can do a similar thing with Love.

The vibrations that come from meditation have the highest frequency of all.  If you meditate in the morning, before going out into the world, then you will raise your vibratory frequency to a very high level, and the lower vibrations that you come into contact with, throughout the course of the day, will have less of an affect on you.  Of course, by the end of the day, you will have lost some of that high vibe energy, so sneak in some yoga or an evening meditation if you can!

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